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United States Fire Administration  Kids Page
Site Contents:
Tips on Home Safety, escape planning, Junior Fire Marshal Test, Fire Safety and more!

Home Saftey Tips

 Look to the following for home safety information and checklists by various rooms in the house.

Sparky The Fire Dog
Learn about Dalmatians, Sparky's Fire Truck, Home Safety tips, Summer Safety and much more!

Sesame Street
Check out these cool coloring pages!
Plan & Practice Fire Drills
Smoke Detectors Warn About Fire

Elmo's Fire Safety Game
Stop, Drop and Rol

Fire Pals Kids  Safety Net
Tips, games, music, videos and more!

Smokey Bear


Children's Fire Prevention Handbook
 Comprehensive manual for kids and parents alike, loaded with information, puzzles, word games and much, much more.

Fire Safety Check List
Tips for Child Safety (Fire Safety & Winter Safety)

Preventing Kitchen Fires in Your Home